VIDEO: Jake Brendel on USC Week

Nov. 23 -- Jake Brendel talks about going into his final USC game and reflects on his career...

Jake Brendel talked during USC week.

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On potentially winning a fourth straight over USC:

It would be cool. It hasn't been done in a really long time. It would mean a lot for this city.

On his career at UCLA:

I try and not look backwards very often.  But this being my last regular season game and my last season here, hopefully its a good cap to the whole experience. I'm going to try my hardest to make it a go.

On OL changes:

This last game we played some musical chairs. With all the injuries and battling we've had to do, it was pretty tough to get a starting line of five guys out there at the end of the game. Being able to be successful and getting the work before we got out there, we had to use all we had.

On Kolton MIller:

He's very dependable for how young he is. He understands the offense and his role. You need a guy like that, who does what he needs to do.

On the growth of the program:

We're on a steady incline.  Our numbers might not show that, but we've had a lot of growing pains, but I feel like since I came here, we've gotten consistently better.

On playing USC with the South at stake:

It's all that we ask for. We always love playing these guys and playing a good opponent. Its something that we should thrive on. As a unit and team, we love this sport and you always want as many games in a season as you can.

On the best trash-talker in the series:

To be honest, I don't really listen. I try to stay out of it. Trash talking isn't part of my game.

On if he becomes more vocal with OL changes:

I'm pretty vocal during the week and make sure no matter what we have the guys we need that could get in the game.  I don't really do anything extra if one person is in or one is out. It all depends on how much film we study.

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