VIDEO: Jordan Payton on Final USC Game

Nov. 23 -- Jordan Payton talks about his last USC game and reflects on his four-year run at UCLA...

Jordan Payton during USC week.

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On his UCLA career:

An amazing four years.  Unbelievable to come to this university. Its a tremendous honor for me.  I love every minute of it. Coach Mora is a fantastic person. I've made great friendships here. It's exciting and cool. Not a lot of people get this opportunity, to come here and solidify my name, it's unbelievable.  Saying that, there are still games to be played. For me its catching the ball, getting first downs.  Get ready for a big one.

On the adversity they've faced this year:

It happens.  Credit to Coach Alosi for us. We train, our training is specifically for adversity.  The workouts we do are high intensity, when things go wrong, how do you respond. For us, its kind of like our backbone. We know something is going wrong, so how do we respond.

On the rivalry before he got to UCLA:

For us, I don't really have a specific moment. Winning is always a great moment. Winning any game is. Rivalries, being able to be 3-0 has been unbelievable. Now we get ready for them.

On growing up watching the rivalry:

I grew up watching it and knew all about the crosstown rivalry. You were either a Bruin fan or Trojan fan. Its an honor to play in this game.

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