Kenny Young Gives His Perspective on Rivalry

Nov. 23 -- Kenny Young talks about his perspective on the UCLA vs. USC rivalry, coming from Louisiana...

Kenny Young talked during USC week.

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On the Utah game:

I think we handled it pretty well. We could have done some things better. But the amount of yards they had, it could have been worse. I think we played well enough for us to win the game.  The last drive, they couldn't score.  

On if Utah looked confused after the adjustments:

Yeah, that could have been it. The biggest thing was do things that where their weaknesses were, attack those weaknesses. We responded pretty well and not allowing them to score any touchdowns.

On red zone defense:

Well we had some key stops, Jaleel Wadood, Nate Meadors, guys rushing the passer, AWall.

On the USC rivalry:

I know its a week like no other.  Prepare for our opponent like we always prepare. A lot of intensity and hype. We're preparing for the next phase. We have to stay focused and put last week in the past. We're fingertips away from what we've worked so hard for.  

On if he sees similarities to the LSU-Alabama game:

Its different. I've been up to Baton Rouge for that game. Its different. But everyone is excited, professors are excited, students are excited and bring that energy.  SEC football, you have die-hard Tiger fans and die-hard Alabama fans. That rivalry was one of the reasons I wanted to go to LSU.  But I'm here and I won my first rivalry game and it was pretty dope.

On learning more about the rivalry:

I didn't really know about UCLA until like my junior year in high school. I knew more about the SC game. When I came here, I was like 'it's that big'.  If we win it this year, it would be more special because we could win the Pac-12 championship.

On Jayon Brown:

Jayon has stepped up tremendously. He's playing the best games of his career, playing his but off.  As an inside backer, I count on him to do his job and we count on each other.

On if that has been a theme:

You look at the start, with the guys we started with, Coach Scott said to prepare like we're starters. We started competing and playing the way we've been playing and getting out of the old habits and preparing for new ones. We're obviously playing a lot faster and better.

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