VIDEO: Jayon Brown on USC Game

Nov. 27 -- Jayon Brown says he doesn't talk to his former high school teammates heading into this game...

Jayon Brown talked during USC week.

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On if he's talking trash to his former LB Poly teammates:


On if the rivalry breaks the high school ties:

Yeah. You just have to be ready to play.  

On what he's learned about the rivalry:

Winning this game is everything. We have to focus and put all of our focus on this game. It shows who runs L.A., who's the dominant team out here.

On what he remembers about the rivalry:

A lot of trash talk. A lot of emotions and a great atmosphere.

On if he's watched USC this year:

I've caught a couple games. They have a good team.

On what they have to do against USC:

Hold them to limited points, force turnovers.

On if Juju Smith talks trash:

From my experience, he doesn't talk initially. He may say something back.

On the difference in the defense the past few games:

We're a lot better. We're filling our gaps. Linebackers coming down harder.  We struggled a little in the first half, but we got it figured out in the second half and they had limited rushing yards.

On second half adjustments:

There was a lot on the line in that game, so we had to make adjustments.

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