VIDEO: Thomas Duarte During USC Week

Nov. 24 -- Thomas Duarte talked about the rivalry and whether he's given Josh Rosen any advice on how to approach it...

Thomas Duarte talked during USC week.

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On if he trash talks with the UCLA-USC rivalry:

I'm not really much of a trash talker. Those wins are good.

On what three straight wins has meant:

I think a lot more people respect UCLA now. But still, it's one of the greatest rivalries in college football. 

On if it feels different after winning three straight:

Not necessarily.  It feels like another game.

On this being the final regular season game:

I don't know if you can say it's better or worse. It's another game on the schedule and we're happy.

On if he's given Josh Rosen any advice:

We watched film on our last game so we're still making the transition.  Josh is cool, calm and collected. He'll figure it out.

On Utah slowing passing game down late:

They were stacking the box and tried to go man. Once we started to defeat man coverage, they took one out of the box, so we moved around and stuck with that.

On if he's surprised with Rosen lack of interceptions of late:

Not really. He's smart with the ball.  He puts the ball in places only we can get it. He's smart with the ball. Its no surprise he got that record.

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