Alex Akingbulu Will Commit This Week

Nov. 24 -- Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne offensive lineman Alex Akingbulu checked out Utah this past weekend and will make his college choice later this week...

Gaucho offensive tackle Alex Akingbulu has already taken an official visit to Cal and took his second official visit over the weekend to Utah.

"It was good, I liked it there a lot," Akingbulu said. "We played Friday night so I got picked up around 3:00 AM and my flight was at 5:30. I got in around 8:00 and the cold woke me up right away. We had breakfast and then headed over to the stadium. 

"The game atmosphere was great, the fans were really loud and it was a fun atmosphere. I was mainly focusing on the tackles and watching their footwork, their stance, how they get off the ball. I'm always trying to watch and learn as much as I can when I'm watching a game and it's always fun to watch the scheme and see how I would fit in there.

"The players were really cool with me and it definitely felt like a big family there. I was hosted by Philip Afia and he was a great guy but honestly, all the team and recruits hung out together. That's big for me because I'm looking for that family feel like we have at Narbonne where everyone is together. I want to be around guys where you win together, lose together and I definitely felt that at Utah."

On Sunday, Akingbulu checked out the campus and had a chance to sit down with the coaching staff.

"I really like Coach Harding and Coach Whittingham a lot," Akingbulu said. "It was a great opportunity to see who they are as people and get to know them better. I talked scheme with Coach Harding and we watched some film together. I asked him some questions about the offense and he answered everything for me.

"Coach Whittingham is a great guy. We talked about football of course but a lot of what we talked about was just life. You can tell he's one of those guys that wants what's best for his players and I felt very comfortable with him. Utah is a great option for me and I definitely think would I would fit in well there."

Following this visit, Akingbulu has narrowed his choices down to three and will commit this Thursday on Thanksgiving.

"It's Cal, UCLA and Utah for me," Akingbulu said. "I had great visits to Cal and Utah and I've been to UCLA a ton of times already. I have a good idea right now what I want to do but I'm still praying about it to make sure I'm 100% good with it. 

"We have a walk through in the morning and then we're having a Thanksgiving meal together as a team right after. That's when I'll announce it, first to my team and then I'll tweet it out. Academics are big for me and all three have what I'm looking for from that standpoint and from a football standpoint. It aways comes down to gut feel and that will be the main factor for me as well."

Akingbulu is a very intriguing tackle prospect and is one of the more athletic lineman in the region. He's still relatively new to football but plays with toughness and with his natural athleticism, his upside is very high. He recently measured out at 6-5, 250 pounds and the only question with him has been how much weight he can carry. 

"I'm playing basketball when football is over but as soon as hoop season is over, I'm going to hitting the weight room like crazy," Akingbulu said. "I'm confident I can put the weight on and maintain my speed and quickness. I should be able to get up to 270 pounds or so by the time I enroll in college and then just keep adding as much weight and strength as I need from there."

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