VIDEO: Jim Mora on Tuesday Before USC

Nov. 24 -- Jim Mora talked about USC week, Nate Meadors, Jordan Payton, and much more during USC week...

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Opening statement:

We had a good start to an important week and came out with good focus and energy. We're off and running.

On the previous three wins:

No common thread. Like I said, every game is different, has its own personality. We've been fortunate to play well, get some breaks, get some wins. Every week, every year, every situation is different.  You have to execute on Saturday and we'll try to do that.

On Nate Meadors:

He had a good game on Saturday, if we choose to put him out there, he'll get better, but we'll determine that Saturday.  Johnny Johnson is back and is getting better and he's been injured the past week and a half. So Johnny is back and Ish is feeling better, but I thought Nate stepped in on Saturday and did a good job. That's what our defense has had to do this year because of some of the personnel issues.  It says a lot about his character, toughness and competitiveness.

On if they expect the game to be slowed down:

I dont think teams slowed it down, they huddled and went at their normal tempo.  I didn't notice it.

On Jayon Brown:

He's playing the position he's played now, we had to ask him to do somethings early that weren't things he'd typically do.  Starting in camp, he's come a long way.  We always knew he was athletic, played with a lot of energy, good tackler. He's taking advantage of the opportunity.

On the offensive line changes:

I don't know that we have changes on the OL, but we did in the game.  We did with Alex and Connor, but that doesn't mean we have changes. It all starts with the center- he makes the calls, adjusts protection, gets everyone on the same page.  You have a guy who's started 50 games at UCLA, broken all-time records, as that voice, as that center, it's comforting for the coaches and the guy he's snapping to. Its really immeasurable.

On Kolton Miller:

If he needs to play, he'll play well. He's gotten a lot of experience this year and has played against good players and on both sides.  He's going to come in to the spring with great confidence.  He'll have a battle on his hands. Its nice to have three tackles and really have confidence.

On facing another different USC coach:

You're breaking down their schemes and tactics and the way they manage a game.  Certainly there is not a lot of familiarity when you face four coaches.

On the stability with his staff:

We're getting there.  We keep our poise, in a hostile environment and played the way we did. These games are emotional, all rivalry games are emotional.  The key is to execute to your ability. Not make mistakes, play with great technique, focus and effort.

On Jordan Payton:

Very valuable.  I think we've broken 48 offensive records, maybe 49 now.  I don't think UCLA has seen a run of offensive production like this. To say he's been a guy, week in and week out, that is dependable.  Any time you have a record set like that, the credit goes to the player, but he'll be the first one to tell you its a product of everything, scheme, being coached by Eric Yarber, having quarterbacks like Brett Hundley and Josh Rosen.  He comes out and competes every day in practice against good players. An offensive coordinator like Noel who gets him the ball at the right time. But ultimately it comes down to Jordan.

On the all-around nature of Payton's game:

That's what you want.  Typically your leaders are your best players, who embody everything. From his work ethic off the field to the classrom, to his effort and the professional demeanor, its what you want. He's the guy the young guys look towards. For a college young man, he's a true pro and has a lot of true qualities. Lets hope he can finish his career in a positive way and he'll have a good career at the next level.

On if he reminds Mora of anyone:

The two he reminds me of are Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmanzadah.  

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