VIDEO: Angus McClure on Clark, Dickerson

Nov. 24 -- Angus McClure talks about whether Kenny Clark should be Pac-12 defensive player of the year, Matt Dickerson's development, and more...

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Opening statement:

It was very spirited. Guys look good installing our gameplan.  We're excited for our next opponent.

On Kolton Miller:

He has great athleticism and footwork for a big man. He's nimble on his feet, it's been great watching him progress in the last year and a half.

On Kenny Clark as Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year Candidate:

No question. He's shown over three years, and especially this year, he's gotten better. And despite being a nose, he's a great pass rusher. It's fun watching Kenny Clark. He's an excellent player.

On if the pass rush from Clark is what he expected:

I expected him to be at this level. He stayed after practice to get better at the little things. He has that intrinsic ability to learn.  Play to play, he plays more plays than any nose guard in the country. He played 100+ snaps against Colorado and I almost got arrested for that.  He played 70 against Utah, as a nose guard. Its hard to take someone like Kenny Clark out. I want my best player out and I want to ride Kenny. Its a credit to Coach Alosi and our conditioning staff and to Kenny.  It takes a village and I think you're seeing results.

On challenges for NTs being pass rushers:

You have to be able to fight resistance, feel the pressure.  A lot of things are happening in a short amount of time.  A combination of things. With Kenny, we've been able to do different things.  In that area, he's gotten better, identifying run and pass quicker.

On if he's a finished product:

I think he's only going to get better.  We're just touching on how he's improved and he can still get better. He has the ability to get better.  But there is more we can do with Kenny.

On Matt Dickerson against Utah:

I think Matt had his best game of the year and he was able to see what the line was doing and exploit it. We all remember that goalline stand where he had those two tackles for loss.  Pass rush, he missed a sack, but he looked good pass rush wise. He's another guy I'm happy to see improve.

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