VIDEO: Scott White on Linebacker Play

Nov. 25 -- Scott White talks about Jayon Brown, Kenny Young, and more...

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On the linebackers play in the past month:

I feel good about them.  I felt good about them then. Its a process.  We had a lot of guys moving around, trying to settle in, but they're getting better and better every day.  You stay within the process. You stay on them, get on them the same. At the end of the day, they'll start to settle in and you'll see that more.

On Jayon Brown:

He's doing a great job and playing more and more. This is really his first year of frontline action.  He's been a great special teams guy, but he's getting tackles, continuing to grow and getting better. We'll hopefully have a better practice tomorrow.  Sitting in there in a phone booth can be hard at times, so the thing is to get other guys lined up and remembering he has responsibilities as well.

On making up for Myles Jack:

I think they get used to it.  Its been musical cheers all year.  Its finding the right combination and giving them time to gel and they're starting to do that.

On Kenny Young at inside:

Eyes and recognition is the biggest thing.  Trust his eyes and he's doing that more and more and you're seeing that get better.  A lot of that is recognition. He's getting better and better with it.

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