VIDEO: Kenny Clark During USC Week

Nov. 25 -- Kenny Clark talked about whether this is his last USC game and more on Tuesday...

Kenneth Clark talked during USC week.

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On if this USC week feels different:

No. It's all or nothing. The last game. We have to go out, do our technique right, and go for a win.

On their offensive line:

A big physical offensive line.  Their center is inexperienced but their guards do a good job helping him out.  I think their guards do a good job of helping, but he played a lot last year.  He's not experienced just at center.

On if he thought about this being his last USC game:

I don't know what the plan is after the year. I'm just happy to be here, to play USC, and excited for everything. I'll go out and put out my best effort.

On USC's interior line:

They do a good job. The center is a good center.  They talk all the time.  They communicate a lot and have a feel for each other.  They knock people off the ball and do a good job of moving people off the pile.

On if they're one of the more talented lines:

Oh yeah. In this conference, there are a lot of talented guys, but USC is one of the most talented.

On Ronald Jones:

He hits the hole, he gets up and goes.

On if there was a tough running back they went against:

I was expecting Devontae Booker, but he didn't end up playing. We played a lot of good backs this year.

On the toughest offensive line:

I don't know.  In the Pac-12, different schemes, so you can't really say who's the best.  Some do different things and they're all good.

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