UCLA Offensive Coordinator Mazzone on USC, Rivalries and Rosen

Nov. 25 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talked about the USC defense, rivalries he's known, and the surprising composure of Josh Rosen...

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On USC's defense:

Athletic, back end is very athletic and fast. Big in the front.  The linebackers and front 7 are good sized, physical guys. Well-coached. They play hard.  I know what I see on film and they're doing a good job. They have their nicks like ours.

On Su'a Cravens:

Really good player.  That whole back end, Biggie, him, Adoree Jackson, Chris Hawkins, all those guys. It will be a great challenge for our receivers. It will be fun to watch all those guys. They've played with each other and against each other.

On if he ever just wants to watch the teams play:

Oh yeah. Especially when we're not making any yards.  I want to take a series off.

On Paul Perkins' biggest strides:

I don't know, he had 1,500 last year. Its been a little different for him this year.  He was a little more of a marked man this year. And in our run game, the last few years, we had that Brett Hundley threat as a runner. They had to respect him, which made things a little easier for Paul.  I think getting 1,000 yards this year, in a move-the-chains offense, says a lot about Paul.  He got more tough yards this year.

On adjustments with the injuries on the offensive line:

We don't make a lot of changes, we have that next man up.  During the game, Klemm switches them up in there.  They've done a great job.  You have a 1,000 yard runner, a quarterback with 3,000 yards and a receiver with 1,000 yards. None of that happens without the offensive line.

On where this rivalry sits:

With all the rivalries I've been apart of.  Auburn-Alabama, NC State-North Carolina.  It's a rivalry game, fun to play in, fun to coach.

On Jordan Payton's growth:

Not in a million years.  He's really grown. He always had the physical tools. What you knew from day one was his toughness and to be good at his craft.  That was one thing you saw as a freshman. Plus on top of that, he was really a smart player.

On Josh Rosen's composure going in to USC:

Its hard for me to remember back that far, but I remember the Virginia game I was nervous as hell. Every week, he's grown. One thing you know about Josh, the game is not too big for him.  Does he go through some learning curves and ups and down? Yeah, everyone does. But he always comes in well prepared.  He's got a real good grasp and really the last few weeks has grasped the offense and has a lot of input, a lot of rebuttals, a lot of feedback in our adjustments.

On if he's surprised how big a gamer Rosen is:

He's just one of those guys, it comes easy. Am I surprised? For a true freshman, yeah.

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