Tom Bradley on Matching Up Against USC's O

Nov. 26 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the athleticism of USC's defense...

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On USC’s offense on film:

I think our opponents are explosive. They do a lot of things well we have to be ready for. We had a good practice today.

On what he’s already noticed in the rivalry:

I understand a rivalry game, I get enough emails, texts and Twitter.  I understand it.  I get the meaning of the game, growing up, everyone around here watches the game.

On what he knew about the rivalry:

Its an interesting rivalry because its a city game.  You see it more in basketball than football. The proximity of the campuses.

On what his messages are like:

This is a family station.  

On Cody Kessler:

They’re explosive and have good players. He’s obviously a talented quarterback with talented receivers.  We have to be on top of everything we do.  

On the red zone defense:

I really don’t look at that, I look on the left hand column. That’s all I care about. That’s all that really matters.  Stats could be whatever you want them to be. I just care about what the team does.

On Nate Meadors:

There are going to be a lot of things that come up over time, being a young freshman, a lot of different things over this season and seasons to follow, so every week, were looking for him to improve.  I see him as a football player and playmaker.

On Jayon Brown:

Jayon is our putty guy, he fills in every where.  He plays special teams. He really does a lot of things for this team that go unrecognized.   A lot of times he has to do different things he doesn’t even get to practice.

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