Aaron Wallace on His Last Away Game

Nov. 27 -- Senior linebacker Aaron Wallace talked about how the memory of 50-0 his freshman year has motivated him...

Aaron Wallace talked after practice during USC week. 

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On his last USC game:

USC is always a big game for us, a big crosstown rivalry. My redshirt year, we lost 50-0 so it sticks with me. Being able to win the last three years has been huge.  But I’m looking at continuing that my last year.

On if the last three wins will erase 50-0:

I don’t think anything ever will.

On his time at UCLA:

It’s been a hell of a ride, some great times, some times where my head had to be in it.  Im happy where Im at now, finishing on a high note and looking to go in the last game strong.

On his improvement as a pass-rusher:

Confidence. I’m getting more chances to rush.  Working on my moves.

On Jayon Brown:

He’s always been a good player for us, but this year he’s really stepped us.  He plays and shows a lot of hard work.

On if he knows anyone on USC’s team:

Im familiar with some of them.  My sister plays volleyball there.  She’s a freshman there. That’s about the only connection I have.  She’s doing a great job and I’m happy for her. As long as she’s happy, that’s all I care about. A little bit of house divided.

On if they ever imagined winning three in a row after 50-0:

After 50-0, it was one year at a time.  

On USC’s offense:

They’re talented and do a lot of things well. It comes down to us doing our job and putting ourselves in favorable positions.

On playing at the Coliseum:

There is something about our team playing on the road, we do well.  The colors in the stadium make it feel like a big game.

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