VIDEO: Mora on Resuming Practice

Dec. 14 -- Jim Mora talked Monday about resuming practice, the status of some injured, the offensive line, and more...

On being back at practice:

It was actually our second one, we snuck one in on Saturday.  It was a little more generic. Just kind of UCLA.  Today we worked on Nebraska and it was really good. Saturday was great, we had a lot of recruits in.  We had a really spirited practice and they were excited to be on the field. I like the energy. We have to maintain it.

On being in game prep:

When you have this extra week and you're going on the road in to an unfamiliar environment, we found the last two years, if we can do most of our preparation here at home and on a consistent schedule, we can go to the bowl site and sharpen up. The last two years it really benefited us.

On Ka'imi Fairbairn:

Winning the Groza Award and being named an All-American, it's just awesome. I think what has impressed me about his career, if you were here as a freshman, the Rice game, I think the first three kicks were blocked. Then the end of his freshman year, we put him in a tough spot, rain game, left hash, 46-yards for the Pac-12 championship to try to put us in the Rose Bowl and he didn't quite make it. But he never got down.  He grew and continued to work on his craft and became this remarkably consistent kicker and he's recognized nationally. That's fantastic for him and good for this program. I can't wait for him to have one more great game and then watch him in the NFL. He's a steady Eddie. I've been around some of the greats.  Some of the all-time best. They all had this strength and personality that Kaimi has.  Ka'imi has learned that at a very young age and we've seen the results of that in his consistency.

On injuries:

We have some guys banged up. By the time we get to San Francisco, guys will be back. We had some inside, we had some guys outside. My gut feeling is that most of the guys should be ready for the bowl game.

On the offensive line depth:

We're hurting in depth. Fred is a great kid.  He just had a real homesickness for the islands.  Something he tried hard to overcome. Looks like he'll transfer to Hawaii. He's a wonderful young man.  But it definitely hurts our depth. If we can keep those first give guys playing.  

On if the five OLs are intact:

Right now. We'll see. Christian Garcia was in there.  I can't say that Caleb is 100%.  Jake is ok.  Alex is ok.  

On the injured guys rehab:

They're good, but they're a ways away.

On Mossi Johnson:

He's a little behind those guys but he's walking around and he said its going well. I know Eddie is going well but he was the first guy hurt.

On Fabian Moreau:

Fabian has indicated to me he's coming back. I haven't had anyone indicate they're not coming back. We've had some guys put in.  A few put in for evaluation.

On when he has those conversations:

Various times. A lot want to see their draft grades first.  

On how it affects recruiting:

We'll know. Its a dead period right now. We'll know before the recruiting period opens up again. But we'll recruit hard at every position.  I don't know if it affects us but maybe the guys we're recruiting to come here.

On Scott Quessenberry playing center:

That's the plan but he can play guard. He's doing well in his recovery.  Right now, we'll slate him for the center.  Like Jake, he's really consistent. Hopefully he recovers well and stays healthy.

On Josh Rosen bouncing back from USC:

Great.  Josh takes all of this very seriously and was disappointed in the results of that game.  I was sitting on my couch the day after the game in the tank and Josh walks in my house and sits down and says 'we got it'.  An 18-year old talking you down. Like all great performers, they can put negative performances in the past.  Knowing Josh, he probably watched it, but he has one of those minds, I'm not sure how much film of himself he needs to watch. He has instant recall of what just happened. Its pretty rare how he sees the game.

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