Perkins Submits Name for NFL Evaluation

Dec. 14 -- Junior running back Paul Perkins talks about potentially going pro after this season, the factors he's considering, and more...

Paul Perkins talked Monday about submitting his name for NFL evaluation, and more.

On the teams mental state:

Just going out here, and finishing the season with a win and getting ready for next year.

On it being good to practice:

Yeah, its good to get out here with the team and talk and bond and get out here and practice with the team.

On life after the bowl:

Sleep, eating.  Not really.  I'll talk with my parents and pray on it and see what happens.  I have to talk to my sources about the whole process.

On putting his name in for an evaluation:

I have.

On what he's looking for in feedback:

I'm not sure.  I'm not sure what to expect. When it comes back, I'll take what I have.

On if he'll use Mora as a source:

Of course, all these NFL guys and stars, Coach Foster, so I'm definitely utilizing those.  I trust everybody, they all have my best interests in mind.

On potentially breaking the school rushing records if he returned:

That would be so awesome, to be in the record books, with Johnathan Franklin and DeShaun Foster, that's because of the hard work of the offensive line.

On if that's a motivation to return:

Of course. And to beat USC.

On losing to USC:

I hate losing.  But losing down in the Coliseum was one of the worst things.  And losing to ASU.  And Stanford.  All our losses.

On Josh Rosen bouncing back:

He's a great kid with tremendous poise and confidence in his arm. I don't see him taking any steps back.

On what he's improved on this year:

Definitely my durability and keeping my body healthy.  I know I got injured in the Cal game.

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