VIDEO: UCLA DC Tom Bradley Talks Nebraska

Dec. 15 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about the matchups against Nebraska and why the Huskers are more dangerous than their record would indicate...

On if playing a 5-7 Nebraska team is a slap in the face:

Not at all. They're a heckuva football team. They had bad luck against them early, they could easily be 10-2.  I know a lot of Nebraska.  They're a proud football team and university. They'll be a heckuva challenge.

On Tommy Armstrong:

He's a heckuva athlete, we'll have to be aware of at all times. He throws, he runs, he does so many things for them.

On Nebraska's running game:

That's how they've always been.  I first went against Nebraska in 1981 when they had Mike Rozier, Turner Gill and Irving Fryar, played them a few teams. Nebraska is Nebraska, they want to run the football.  We have a lot of work to do.

On prepping for Nebraska:

After you have a long layoff like we had, you try to get the tempo up.

On favorite games against Nebraska:

The one's we won.  We've had some great games over the year. They've got a fantastic fan base. It's a very proud university and they're proud of their football team.

On how the team is bouncing back:

I think we've had two good days of practice.  School is behind them. Its our third practice for the bowl and we're getting our legs back. We've had two physical days so far. Bowl games are tricky, you don't play for a long time.  I've always thought you have to survive the first quarter. The first quarter is very important in this game.

On if motivation is an issue in bowls:

I don't think so. They'll be excited for the challenge. They know how good they are. They've watched the film.

On Nebraska beating Michigan State:

They've had close games across the board and I think our guys are smart enough to know that.

On if preparation is different:

Its my first time here, so what we do for this game isn't much different.  Its something we're working out way through. We'd like to be ready to go when we get up there.  We'll get a couple more good days in before we get up there.

On the importance of winning the final game:

You never want to go out with a bad taste in your mouth.  

On Aaron Wallace:

Hard work, fantastic effort, comes out every day and works.  Sometimes he's only getting mental reps.  We're very proud of him and how he's handled what he's been through.  He's a guy who gets better every week.

On what separates pass rushing linebackers from non:

Quick twitch and understanding the scheme and what the offense is trying to do to you.  That's a real tribute to Scotty White.

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