VIDEO: Eli Ankou Reviews His Season

Dec. 19 -- UCLA defensive tackle Eli Ankou talks about how he performed this year in his first extended action on defense...

Eli Ankou talked during Nebraska prep.

On playing a 5-7 Nebraska team:

I think that the media does a good job of judging a team based on their record, but this team is a very good team and they work well together. It would be a shame if we judged them just on their record.

On Nebraska beating Michigan State:

Looking at the tape, they know what they're doing.

On how his season went:

Personally, I think I did well and the coaches helped me develop.  I like the direction my team is going.

On what he's focusing on:

Helping my team win, its really a matter of fine-tuning my technique, little things that Coach Angus will stress.  

On imposing defensive will:

It's very important and something we try to apply to every game, fast and physical and send a message across the line and that's very important for us.

On Tommy Armstrong:

Very good mobile quarterback, he knows what he's doing. We'll have to gameplan for that and see where it goes.

If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

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