VIDEO: Jordan Payton on Final Game As A Bruin

Dec. 16 -- Jordan Payton talked about going into his final game as a Bruin and what went in to his decision to return for his senior season...

Jordan Payton talked during Nebraska prep.

On the emotions of his final game at UCLA:

Its bittersweet. Its been an amazing four years. You want to get after it, prepare like I always have and get a W up in San Francisco.

On coming back from his senior year:

I've listened to what they (the juniors) have had to say and tried to be a voice of reason.  Everyone has a different path or journey, all I can do is be there for them.  I think I made a tough decision and it worked out.  The odds were better for me to leave, with an unknown quarterback situation, but hard work trumps that and I think I made the best decision.

On his relationship with the Nebraska coaches:

Coach Bray at Nebraska messaged me on Twitter and I said take it easy on me. My brother played at Oregon State and I know a lot of those coaches.  It would be better for a win and have those braggin rights.

On why he stayed:

You go with your gut and how you feel. I didn't look at the odds, people said 'your quarterback is leaving'.  You go with what you can do.  Go out there and do better than you did the year before.  That's what I did. 

On if he watched film of Rosen in making his decision to come back:

It did, actually, I saw a quarterback that was ready. You watch his film and look at it, you see a high school kid who was immature, but with him, it was full go in every single area. I was confident in Jerry, in Mike and in Josh and myself and that's why I came back.

On the Senior Bowl:

There is no doubt I'm definitely underrated in what I do. I think that I'm going to go out there and impress a lot of people.  I'm a lot faster than you think, a lot stronger than you think.  I'm underrated by people in general. Our receivers in general don't get the credit we deserve. We block, we run, we have great route running skills. For me to be the leading receiver this year, the Senior Bowl is another place for me to show.  Evaluations come back pretty strong.  

On Noel Mazzone:

I texted him the other day and said we're all here for you and praying for you.  Coach Mazzone is a fantastic dude, I love him to death. What he's done here is unbelievable.  I heard he's doing great.  Blessings, that's great. Our coaches are holding it together, keeping the offense rolling.  Can't wait to have him back.  

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