VIDEO: Thomas Duarte on NFL Evaluation

Dec. 16 -- Thomas Duarte talked about putting his name in for an evaluation and what will go into his decision...

Thomas Duarte talked during Nebraska prep.

On putting in for an NFL evaluation:

I did. I'm just curious where I am in the draft with everyone coming out.  At the end of the season, I evaluated my performance.  Curiousity.  Its an option. They provide it for outgoing juniors.

On if he's serious about coming out:

Kind of just wait and see.  Our focus is winning this next game, and that's what we're trying to do.

On when he'll decide:

After the season. I want to put my focus into beating Nebraska.

On Nebraska's defense:

They're stout, with a good front seven, experience in the backs.  The Big Ten is a good conference, we'll be ready.

On how long it took them to decompress after USC:

A couple days. We didn't have to prepare for anyone else, so we took our time, gathered the team together and came together after the loss. It wasn't too bad.

Noel Mazzone:

All the coaches are really pitching in together. We say our prayers and wish Coach Mazzone the best.  We want it to be soon, but we want him to take his time, be well and be 100%.

On who will call plays against Nebraska:

As of right now, we think Coach Mazzone will be back.

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