Takkarist Mckinley on Season, Retaining Clark

Dec. 17 -- Takkarist McKinley talks about this season, what his goals are for next season and what he's doing to help retain Kenny Clark...

Takkarist McKinley talked during Nebraska prep.

On his first full season:

You can always do better. I expect a lot out of me.  A lot of improvements to do. Once the season is over, I'll get right back in to it.

On what he's seen from Nebraska:

They're a real good team. Their record is 5-7, but they're not a 5-7 team. They beat Michigan State and in a good battle with Iowa. We'll prepare for them like any other team and try to win our 9th game for our seniors.

On how long it took him to get over the USC game:

Who? I don't know who that is.

On what he wants ot work on in offseason:

I want to get my weight up. I want to get to 255-260. I feel like I improved in the run game, but when Eddie and Myles went out, we pretty much sucked. My main goal is to put on weight and more muscle and mass.  I also worked with Datone Jones.

On if teams keyed on him:

Not too much, I think people thought, maybe I was 240, 245, go at him, but most teams didn't. I feel like I need to improve a lot.  Sacks as well.  Me and Deon, we didn't have the season we both wanted, but we have one more year to prove and lead the nation in sacks.

On Datone Jones:

He's going to work with me in the offseason.  He said I have the tools and keys and be ready to work in the offseason because I want it.  I don't know where we work.  I'm ready anywhere.

On if they prefer to go away for the bowl game:

Technically I'm not going away, I get to go home. I'm excited for that, see my family, spend some time with them. But the main goal is get that ninth win and ball out. I kind of wish we could go somewhere else.  I've been in California my whole life. Texas, that was my first time out there. Santa Clara, I've been there to see the Niners. I wish I was there two weeks ago.  I want a national championship. That's everybody's goal. They only take four teams. Our main goal is to win the Pac-12 South.  Its a high goal, but anything is possible.

On his role next year:

I want to be a leader. Kenny Clark has taught me a lot this year.  He leads by example. He's not the biggest talker but you know he can lead a team.  Hopefully next year, I can lead a pack of wolves.

On the defensive line next year:

Angus does real good on improvements.  Eddie will be back as well. Eli, Matt Dickerson, Jacob, we'll still, if Kenny does leave, that's a big loss, but we have Eddie coming back.  

On if he tries to convince Kenny Clark to stay:

The decision is on him.  I'm his teammate, but at t he end of the day, its up to him and his family.  He's a grown man.  I do sometimes, I'll leave a little sandwich at his locker, and say 'Please stay'.  Next man up.  I'll make him a sandwich, a little bacon, a little mayonaise.  He's a big guy, so I have to do a little extra on it.  My sandwiches are pretty good.  I like my sandwiches.

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