VIDEO: Aaron Wallace Reviews His Season

Dec. 18 -- Aaron Wallace talked about how his season has gone, and what he still wants to show scouts...

Aaron Wallace talked during Nebraska prep.

On his last game at UCLA:

Nostalgic.  Seeing how my career has been. I'm excited about what's next and going out one last time in a UCLA uniform.

On his final year:

It's been fantastic. It's a good feeling. I'm happy I'm going out on a good note. I'm excited.

On if teams keyed on him this year:

Sometimes I got more attention with the running back chipping me or booting the other way. I guess its a credit to what I've done in the pass rush.

On what he's looking to show scouts:

Hard work and the standard I set for myself. Its my last game and I'm looking to go out on a high note.

On bowl week:

I don't know if you can compare it to a regular game week. No school, you go up there and they have activities for us. Then you go out and play one last game.

On the best bowl gift he got:

I got a recliner a couple years back in the suite.  I use it all the time. That's real nice.  It's better than the hairdresser I got. My mom enjoys it.

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