VIDEO: Conor McDermott on NFL, Season

Dec. 18 -- Conor McDermott talked about putting his name in for an NFL Draft evaluation and how his season went...

Conor McDermott talked during Nebraska prep.

On an NFL evaluation:

I have, I put it in last week.  I'm not sure when I'll hear, right now, I'm focused on Nebraska. I'll think about it when it comes and I'll go from there.

On what factors will go in to his decision:

My teammates, myself and what's best for my family. RIght now the focus is on Nebraska and getting a ninth win.

On Nebraska:

They're a hard working, big front.  Play to the whistle.

On how he felt in his first season as the starter:

I felt good. Each week, I tried to get better and better and work on my technique and I got better each week. I couldn't have gotten better without Jake, Alex, Kenny, Caleb and Kolton.

On Noel Mazzone coming back to practice:

It was great. We loved seeing him out there. I said 'Hey coach, what's up?!'  I didn't see him at the beginning.

On their concern for Noel Mazzone:

There is always that concern when you hear something like that.

On if they knew Noel Mazzone would be at practice today:

We weren't sure. We were ready for him to come back when he felt best.

On his health against USC:

I definitely wasn't 100% after Utah. I'm just happy it wasn't anything serious. I definitely wasn't 100%.

On how he feels:

I'm feeling a lot better. The two weeks off helped me. I feel a lot better.

On going away for a bowl game:

It's a lot of fun. When all the students leave, it's just us on campus. We're always here.  You get two weeks to go home. Going out of town on a trip is always fun, to a different city.

On the best bowl gift he's gotten:

The Lazy Boy chair or the Go Pro. I'll probably say the Go Pro.

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