VIDEO: Kenny Clark on NFL Draft Grade

Dec. 22 -- Kenny Clark talks about getting his NFL Draft grade, what could affect his decision, and more...

Kenneth Clark talked about the NFL Draft.

On the bowl experience being closer to home:

Its been great. Got to go to the mall yesterday and see the family and the city and bright lights. Everyone is walking around the city, its a new experience for me, being out here.

On how much family is coming:

Probably about nine coming to the game. Some are flying up here, some are driving. It will be a good experience for them too.

On the NFL draft evaluation:

I got a second round draft grade. I'm still not focused on it.  I'm worried about Nebraska right now.

On if he would have liked more feedback:

The way I look at it, the way I've been playing, I'm just trying to win a football game. I don't really care about the draft grade. I put in to see what's going on.

On if there is any extra motivation with a second round grade:

Yeah, it does make you more motivated, just because you know NFL guys watch your tape.  For them to even say something, it's a great honor. It definitely motivates me to push to be a first rounder.  It is what it is.

On if he was pleased with his evaluation:

I didn't even think about it.  When I got it back, my whole thing was I just turned in a draft evaluation from my junior year. Its a blessing for my family and its a blessing for me.

On if Eddie Vanderdoes asks him about the evaluation:

Yeah, he's always trying to get the scoop.  Asking 'how did that feel'?  I miss him out there.  He wishes he could be out there wish us.  I always keep Eddie in the loop.

On if playing with Vanderdoes another year is something he's thought of:

Definitely.  I think coming back, me and Eddie would tear college football up.  Just watching the Virginia game, you saw what was going to happen.  You see what was going on.  That's my boy. I love Eddie.  We just have to see.

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