VIDEO: Tom Bradley During Bowl Week

Dec. 23 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talks about bowl week and preparing for a running quarterback...

On bowl preparations:

They're always interesting, you're getting back in to it. Then you change practice fields. The water main broke at one place. There is always something interesting. But they've adapted. The bowl does a great job and they get to see the city. It's a fun opportunity to see things they wouldn't normally see.

On the challenges of Tommie Armstrong:

He's multi talented.  Bowl games are different to prepare for.  You're not worried so much about the next week.  You have to worry about getting through the first quarter. The first quarter is the toughest.  We can't afford to get injured. So you prepare for the unknown.  The pace of it, the speed, our guys will try to duplicate it the way he does it.

On if they'll run Armstrong more:

Maybe because its the bowl game. He's a talented young man. He's one of those guys who's fun to watch and film but not play against. 

On if they watch previous years of him:

You do, we've gone back and watched some film research.  You're trying to get yourself ready to play in a game.  They sprinkle a little bit of everything.  He's one of those guys, you have to know where he is.

On accounting for wrinkles:

Some of the things that have bothered you in the past, past bowl experiences.  We've prepared for a lot of different things. Its always a little tricky in preparing for these bowl games.

On how much the break helped recover:

It's always been good to give the guys time off, 10 days, then get started again.  All the bumps and bruises get healed up.  And they can get caught up on school work.  I'm sure it was a welcome break from football and to get away from the coaches. They get tired of us.

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