VIDEO: Jordan Payton on Final UCLA Game

Dec. 23 -- Jordan Payton talks about being 7 catches away from the single season reception record and what this week has been like...

Jordan Payton talked during Nebraska week.

On the emotions of his final game at UCLA:

I'm trying to just soak it all up.  I'm down to business and take it serious. It's a game.  I prepare how I always prepare.  In my spare time, I like to reflect back on my whole career with the other seniors. It's been a solid week of preparation.

On what he reflects on:

I think about my freshman year and the time building. We put in a lot of work.  We had some tough games my freshman year and then really took off my sophomore year.  I think about the process and how it's changed.

On if he's proud of his career:

Definitely.  A lot of guys like to go to storied programs, but you also like to be a part of a revolution. I'm excited to see how the next few years turn out.

On his freshman year:

I was his first class, so we had no excuses.  We came after it. In my mind, we didn't care about anything but working to win. Every day that first summer worked.  We came in with a whole new mindset to just work hard.

On if he and Mora reflect on things:

I see him in the lobby, and talk about what I'm saying now. I'm sure at the end of the game, we'll exchange words and go on to the next thing.

On personal goals in the bowl:

Obviously, you want to end on a high note.  I know I'm seven catches away from the single season record, and if I could break that, it would be a blessing. That's why I'm working this week and I worked last week.

On what Mora sold him on:

Change. I can stand on this spot and say I made the right choice, a great choice.  You can go with change and the change could be terrible. I'm lucky that all four years, winning records, a lot of great opponents.

On if he made Jose Rosen aware he's close to the record:

Yeah, of course, you know I'm always politicking and making Josh aware.  I think we'll do it.

If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

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