VIDEO: Deon Hollins Reviews His Season

Dec. 24 -- Deon Hollins talks about his season and what he needs to work on heading into next year...

Deon Hollins talked during Nebraska week.

On the challenges of Tommie Armstrong:

We have been reiterating, we have to contain him. You look at his stats, if you glean from that, if you keep him in the pocket and make him play quarterback, the matchup could be advantageous for us. That will be huge for us.

On mobile quarterbacks:

We have a better handle of it.  We had guys learning each position, different calls, you lose sight of things like that. That's been one of the key talking points we've had.  Just to have a great eye on them.  

On if Nebraska will run more:

I think so, especially the last game of the season.

On his pass-rushing this season:

I guess in terms of myself personally, I concentrate on what the coaches tell me to do. The gameplan isn't fit into a particular player. Somethings I need to work on next season, getting bigger and stronger, that's always a great thing.

On if teams schemed against him:

Absolutely.  Like 70-80% of the time, chips, double teams, especially in pass rush situations.

On holding calls:

Its definitely me focusing on my technique, where I don't get in a position where they can hold me period.

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