VIDEO: Jayon Brown on Nebraska Matchup

Dec. 24 -- Jayon Brown talked about the difficulty of matching up with a running quarterback like Tommy Armstrong...

Jayon Brown talked during Nebraska week.

On Tommie Armstrong:

A fast, athletic guy. He likes to scramble.  Can make a lot of big plays with his arm and legs.  We have to make sure our d-ends and linebackers keep him contained, keep him in the pocket. If he's going to beat us, it's not going to be with his legs.

On adjusting to a mobile quarterback:

You have to be aware of it, on third and long, third and shorts. He's going to make plays, we have to limit it.  We just have to do our jobs and let the coaches deal with the playcalling, and we have to execute.

On preparing for him:

We have to be aware of him, down and distance. He's a playmaker.

On feeling like a defensive leader:

The voice of the defense, making sure everyone is on point, staying on track, getting help from the guys.  Now just trying to get the win.

On the bowl week:

Its been fun.  We have a lot of things to experience, looking forward to Alcatraz visit and going bowling tonight.

If you can't play the video above, try this version.

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