Breaking News on UCLA Staff Changes: Polamalu as OC?

Jan. 8 -- There are breaking developments concerning UCLA's football coaching staff, with running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu potentially becoming the offensive coordinator, and a new quarterbacks coach...

Noel Mazzone has accepted the position of offensive coordinator at Texas A&M, according to sources.

There are also strong indications that UCLA quarterbacks coach Taylor Mazzone, his son, will accompany him to College Station and become the Aggies’ quarterbacks coach.

Taylor Mazzone will still interview with Toledo for their open offensive coordinator position.

We’ve heard from sources, too, that UCLA running backs coach Kennedy Polamalu will be strongly considered for the UCLA offensive coordinator job.

Many people associated with the football program believe Polamalu would be a great OC, able to transform UCLA’s offense into more of a physical one, along with being highly organized and disciplined in his approach and gameplanning.  Polamalu has a long history of offensive gameplanning on his resume; the question would be playcalling, but those close to the situation believe Polamalu would be dynamic in playcalling duties.  You could probably expect UCLA’s offense to be more multi-dimensional under Polamalu, with a capability of moving between a spread scheme and more of a power run game and pro-style set.

If Taylor Mazzone does leave UCLA, we’ve also heard from sources close to USC’s program that USC coach Marques Tuiasosopo has given USC indications he will become UCLA’s quarterbacks coach.  Tuiasosopo, the one-time UCLA and Washington assistant, would be a substantial addition to UCLA’s staff, as the mentor of UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen and an accomplished recruiter.

If both Mazzones leave UCLA, and Jim Mora adds Tuiasosopo, it leaves room for another coach on staff.  A rumor circulating is that UCLA Associate Athletic Director for Football, Rip Scherer, would possibly become tight ends coach for UCLA.  Scherer is an experienced coach at both the NFL and college level. Hiring Scherer as tight ends coach would represent UCLA’s commitment to expanding UCLA's offense with a pro-style, power-type dimension. 

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