Trend Meter: Where are UCLA Recruits Leaning?

Feb. 2 -- With four days left to go until Signing Day, there have been some changes in the Trend Meter for UCLA recruiting, with just nine prospects remaining on UCLA's target list...

Following recruiting is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride, especially in January. For experts, handicapping recruitments is a pretty dubious endeavor. Recruiting is incredibly volatile, obviously, since it’s based on the whims of teenagers that have an enormous amount of pressure on them from many different adults.

Predicting where a recruit is going to go is far too unpredictable. Fans, though, always want to know the latest buzz on each recruit so we thought the best thing to do is put together essentially a latest trend meter, kind of a stock report on whether UCLA's chances with the recruit are going up, down or sideways. We’ve talked to various Scout experts around the country and this is the latest trend for each prospect still remaining on UCLA’s 2016 board. The beauty of this is that as the trend changes we can change that little arrow as we approach National Signing Day February 3rd. Keep checking back here as we’ll constantly be updating the trend meter.

The word on Mique Juarez at this point is that he's pretty locked in with UCLA. The Bruins will have to weather an official visit to Alabama this coming weekend, some continued interest from Ole Miss, and an official visit to BYU on the final weekend before Signing Day, but UCLA still is in a pretty good spot for the five-star linebacker. At this point, it would be a bit of a surprise if the pick is anything other than the Bruins. 1/27 The Alabama visit was significant for Juarez, and Greg Biggins thinks it's a three-team race between Bama, Ole Miss, and UCLA heading into the final week. 1/28 Juarez was on campus for an unofficial visit yesterday and he brought his whole family. From what we've heard, UCLA still sounds like the leader here.  1/30: Juarez is on his BYU visit this weekend. 2/1 Juarez took his BYU official visit. The word is still that UCLA is in good shape heading into Signing Day.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, 12:30 p.m.

Things are certainly trending up for Devin Asiasi with his main recruiter at USC, Marques Tuiasosopo, being hired at UCLA as a quarterbacks coach. Asiasi very much wants to play in a pro-style, tight end-oriented offense, and with the hiring of Kennedy Polamalu as the offensive coordinator, and the hiring of a dedicated tight ends coach in Rip Scherer, the thinking is that UCLA is becoming more attractive to Asiasi. His good friend Boss Tagaloa is a UCLA lean, and the two would like to play together in college. As it stands, USC might still very well be the leader, but it isn't the overwhelming favorite that it was just a short time ago. 1/27 Michigan left a big impression on Asiasi, according to Greg Biggins, who think that any one of Michigan, USC, or UCLA could get the nod on Signing Day. 1/28 We heard the in-home visit with Asiasi and his family went well last night, with Jim Mora in particular making a big impression on Asiasi's mom. He'll take his official visit to USC this weekend, and we'll see where things stack up after that. 1/30: Asiasi is on his USC official visit. 2/1 Asiasi took his official visit to USC. He didn't solidify anything with USC on the trip, from what we understand, which is a good sign for UCLA heading into Signing Day. 2/2 The recent buzz is that Michigan may have emerged as the leader in recent days. It's not a done deal by any means, but UCLA may have to make up ground over the final hours here.

Announcement Date: Signing Day, 12:20 PST, ESPNU/ESPN2

UCLA is a late addition to the Maxs Tupai recruitment, and that is in large part thanks to the addition of assistant coach Marques Tuiasosopo. There was some feeling that Utah or Oklahoma had pole position in his recruitment, but it sounds like he wasn't completely sold on his visit to Norman, and now there's a good chance he'll wait to commit or sign and actually visit UCLA this weekend. Obviously, it remains to be seen if he'll enjoy his visit to UCLA, but the Bruins are definitely pushing themselves right into the thick of things on the eve of Signing Day.

Announcement Date: Unknown

Brandon Stephens is new to the recruiting board for UCLA. The recent Stanford decommit had UCLA in his home on January 26th, and it now appears that he'll officially visit Westwood from Thursday to Saturday of the final official visit weekend. Stephens projects as a big powerful back, and UCLA is one of a few suitors pushing for his commitment at this late date. Significantly, he cancelled an Alabama official visit to trip to UCLA. 1/30: Stephens is officially visiting UCLA Thursday through Saturday.  2/1 Stephens has gone radio silent since the visit, but the word we're hearing is that he had a very good visit to UCLA. 2/2 Stephens isn't talking, but what we've gathered is that, unless Alabama or Texas A&M really picks it up with him, UCLA might very well be the pick on Signing Day.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, 6:00 a.m. PST. Announcing in High School Gym

Boss Tagaloa had been just about the most committed uncommitted prospect UCLA has had throughout the majority of his recruitment, but with a USC offer about a month ago, the thinking was that he'd at least give the Trojans a long look. With Tuiasosopo, his main recruiter at USC, coming over to UCLA, that certainly helps solidify UCLA's position as his leader, but Tagaloa might not be the stone-cold lock he was through most of the last year. Michigan might also loom as an option, with Jim Harbaugh putting a full-court press on the four-star defensive tackle. 1/27 Greg Biggins says that Michigan left a big impression on Tagaloa, but he's still thought to be a UCLA lean. 1/28 It sounds as if Tagaloa might not take his trip to USC this weekend, and he'll have an in-home with the UCLA staff tonight. 1/29 Tagaloa will, in fact, take his official visit to USC this weekend. 2/1 Tagaloa visited USC officially this past weekend, but we heard he actually popped over to UCLA for an unofficial visit after that. Given that, the feeling is still that he is likely UCLA's to lose.

Announcement Date: Signing Day, 12:20 PST, ESPNU/ESPN2

Brandon Burton was set to commit to UCLA at the Army All-American game, but held off because of rumors that Jim Mora might be headed to the NFL. Soon after delaying his announcement, USC offered him, and that's certainly a big offer for the Serra safety. The thinking is that UCLA is still in the lead, however, but this will be an interesting recruitment to watch over the last two weeks heading into Signing Day, with the two L.A. schools likely battling it out. 1/25 Burton will announce his decision on Feb. 2 at 9:00 P.M., and right now, it's looking good for UCLA.  1/30: Burton is on his UCLA official visit. 2/1 The buzz we heard after Burton's official visit is that he's UCLA's to lose.

Announcement Date: Feb. 2, 9:00 p.m. ESPN

Garrett Rand committed to Wisconsin last year over the Bruins, among others, but with Wisconsin defensive coordinator Dave Aranda moving on to LSU, Rand has taken a wait-and-see approach with the Badgers. it remains to be seen who Wisconsin will hire as the DC, with Justin Wilcox's name being bandied about as an option. If Rand doesn't end up going to Wisconsin, the thinking is that his first option will be UCLA. 1/21 Garrett Rand will now officially visit UCLA this weekend. 1/26 Rand has gone completely underground since the visit, but from talking to other visitors, it certainly sounds as if Rand enjoyed himself. 1/30 Wisconsin hired ex-USC coach Justin Wilcox as their DC. He reportedly met with Rand Thursday.  Rand's mom went to Wisconsin and is pushing for him to go to Madison, but the longer we don't hear from Rand is probably the better. 2/1 From what we've gathered, it sounds like Rand will announce his final decision Wednesday morning. UCLA is right in the mix. 2/2 From what we've gathered, Rand will most likely sign with Wisconsin on Wednesday, barring a last minute switch. 2/2 Rand has confirmed in a report that he will sign with Wisconsin tomorrow.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, 6:30 a.m.

Aaron Hansford visited UCLA officially last weekend, and the word is that the trip went well, and perhaps vaulted UCLA into the lead in this recruitment. Hansford still has an upcoming official visit to Texas A&M, but UCLA is in a good spot heading into the home stretch of this recruitment. 1/25 Hansford is down to two after his official visit to Texas A&M -- UCLA and A&M. He'll announce on Signing Day. 1/26 We've heard that UCLA remains in really good shape for Hansford heading into the final week, and that many people around A&M think he's going to UCLA. 1/27 Jim Mora met with Hansford yesterday in Houston, as Hansford is still stranded there from his Texas A&M official visit due to inclement weather back East. We're hearing more and more that he's most likely picking the Bruins next week. 2/2 It now sounds as if this one is very much up in the air. Brian Dohn is reporting that Hansford and family are 50/50 between UCLA and Texas A&M, and might not even sign tomorrow, though that's still the current plan. He was UCLA's to lose as of Sunday night, but the Aggies have made a push, especially with the dad, and they might very well be the pick.

Announcement Date: Signing Day, 11:15 a.m. PST. Ceremony at high school., ESPNU/ESPN2

UCLA has been recruiting Adewale Omotosho hard for a while, and there's some feeling around the recruitment that UCLA is doing well with him. He'll visit the weekend before Signing Day. This weekend he will visit TCU, and if the Bruins can weather that visit with Omotosho not committing to the Horned Frogs, that could bode well heading into the final weekend. 1/27 In the weird world of recruiting, it now looks like Omotosho will in fact visit this weekend, which puts UCLA in a good spot heading into the final week. The Bruins also made the cut to a top four, which includes TCU, SMU, and Oklahoma State. 1/28 We've heard some indications that SMU and TCU could be out in front for Omotosho heading into the weekend visit, so UCLA will have to put its best foot forward this weekend. 1/30 We're still hearing that SMU and TCU are the probable leaders with Omotosho on his UCLA official visit. A good sign is that his mother came with him on the UCLA visit. 2/1 From what we've gathered from people on the visit, Omotosho had a good time, but it's unlikely he leaves Texas for college. 2/2 This recruitment is officially the most bizarre this cycle, taking the cake from Damian Alloway. We're now hearing that UCLA is one of his two finalists, and there was even an unsubstantiated report tonight that he had picked UCLA. Should be very fun to see how this ends up tomorrow.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, 7:30 A.M. PST.

Francisco Perez officially visited UCLA last weekend, and the Bruins are probably right there with California (where he is currently committed) after the visit. He'll visit California this weekend for an official visit, and then he plans to announce some sort of final decision thereafter. 1/25 Perez officially visited Cal this weekend, and he didn't reaffirm his commitment on the trip. Instead, he still is torn between the Bruins and the Bears. He will announce a final decision on or before Signing Day, and with a lot of UCLA influences around him, this should be interesting to watch.b 1/30 There are sources close to Perez who still believe he will flip to UCLA. 2/1 The more we hear, the more we like UCLA's chances to flip the Cal commit. He'll make his final decision on Signing Day.

Announcement Date: National Signing Day, 10:30 a.m.

***BRO Note: There are some mystery recruits that are still in play for UCLA, but we can't reveal details about them at this time.***

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