Four-star WR Damian Alloway Recaps Commitment, Visit

Jan. 31 -- Damian Alloway committed to UCLA on Friday and then visited Westwood on Saturday for his official visit. He talked about both with us here...

Damian Alloway ended his recruitment in a bit of a surprise way on Friday, with a Bleacher Report video announcing that he would be a Bruin. The original plan, though, was to do things a little bit differently.

"My first intention was to commit on my visit and have the video post while I was there, but something came up so I wasn't able to go up there Friday like I was supposed to," Alloway said. "But the people I did the video with, Bleacher Report, said Friday would still be a good day to drop it, so that's what we did."

With the change in schedule, Alloway also decided to have a little fun, much to the consternation of recruitniks and fans alike.

"So Thursday night I tweeted out "no more visit for me on Friday" trying to just kind of trick some people and have a little fun with it, keep people guessing," Alloway said. "And then I dropped the video that morning, and then went up on Saturday, and it felt good just to get to know my family a little bit better."

Alloway said he's pretty much known he was going to eventually pick UCLA since his official visit to Notre Dame.

"I think I knew that UCLA was the spot for me on my official visit to Notre Dame, I was just talking to one of the coaches," Alloway said. "He told me one thing that really got to me. He said, 'When you land on this campus, you going to know if you're a Notre Dame guy or if you're not.' And he told me that, and I started thinking about it, and I just knew I wasn't a Notre Dame guy. And ever since then I've known that I'm a UCLA guy, and UCLA was going to be the place for me."

This weekend was an opportunity for Alloway to hear how the new offensive coordinator, Kennedy Polamalu, would use him, and Alloway was impressed by the pitch.

"Kennedy Polamalu's offense is just going to get me ready for the NFL, if I do make it that far," Alloway said. " We have a gunslinger at QB in Rosen. Coach Polamalu just said it was going to be a little more complex, but nothing that we can't handle. They're just going to try to get me the ball in space as much as possible, kick return, punt return, and let me do my thing."

As for at receiver itself, he said Eric Yarber has a pretty clear idea of how he wants to use him.

"I was talking to Coach Yarbs, and he sees me a lot at slot receiver, motioning out of the backfield, doing a lot of bubble screens from there, going outside sometimes," Alloway said. "Maybe running deep posts, things like that. He said the main thing they're going to focus in on is utilizing my speed. Wherever they need me is where they're going to put me."

Alloway, who was hosted by rising sophomore defensive back Nathan Meadors, said the highlight of the trip was just the general reaction he got to his commitment.

"Probably the highlight for me was just going into the meeting room with Coach Mora and seeing how pumped he was about me finally committing," Alloway said. "And actually walking around the UCLA campus and random people stopping me and noticing me from my video. Just them congratulating me and telling me how great the video was. Stuff like that was pretty cool being there this weekend."

With Alloway's recruitment over, he put his recruiting hat on this weekend, and spent some time trying to convince a couple of the uncommitted visitors to join him in Westwood. He shared his thoughts on two of them with us.

"Brandon Burton, we knew about each, but we finally got to hang out this weekend," Alloway said. "He was one of the main guys I was hanging out with, and I got a good vibe for him. I felt like he was going to be there with me at UCLA.

I was talking with Adewale Omotosho, but I'm not too sure about him, he seems like he's really close with his mom, so I don't know if he's going to be able to leave the state, but I know that Brandon Burton seems like a lock."

Alloway, who will enter school in June, also got a chance to spend some time with some committed visitors as well.

"Jalen Starks, Marcus Moore, Demetric Felton, we've been cool for a minute now," Alloway said. "Pretty much everyone who was on the visit, we were all hanging out and having fun."

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