Notes on UCLA Weekend Visitors

Feb. 1 -- We have some notes on how the official (and unofficial) visits went this weekend for UCLA...

Early indications out of Texas say Brandon Stephens, the Plano running back, had a great trip to UCLA.  Sources close to the situation believe that Stephens' best remaining fit is UCLA, and they don't see another, better option for him. 

We're trying to get ahold of Stephens, but he hasn't been greatly available to the media. 

Those same Texas sources believe UCLA will have to completely knock it out of the park on his official visit to get Adewale Omotosho, the Plano East receiver.  Omotosho is just winding up his official visit now, so it's uncertain at this time how it went. TCU and SMU are thought to be strong leaders.

I've heard snippets from those close to Brandon Burton, the Gardena Serra safety, and they indicated that his official visit was confirming UCLA's lead for him.

Concord De La Salle defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa is unofficially visiting UCLA this afternoon. He finished his USC official visit, then went to UCLA's campus. 

Concord De La Salle tight end Devin Asiasi did not unofficially visit after his USC official visit. There was an issue with how Asiasi, if he had unofficially visited UCLA, would get back home.  

There were other unofficial visitors, too.


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