Twitter Meter For Bruin Sports 2/9

Feb. 9 -- Check out what's going on throughout the UCLA Twittersphere...

Darnay Holmes is down to seven and is announcing on June 23rd, and with an announcement date scheduled that far in advance, that can mean only one thing: another Bleacher Report video. I'm waiting for the player who does a lowkey, artsy short film in black and white to announce their commitment. Be the one, Darnay. Be the one.

I always get a kick out of huge people with the last name little, probably from watching too much Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as a kid. Anyway, congrats to Walker Little, all 6'7, 301 pounds of him, on the UCLA offer.

Well, this is embarrassing C.J. Thorpe. You're using one of the same pictures Walker used. This is like wearing the same thing to a party.

No formal announcement from UCLA, but it definitely looks like Tre Polamalu will be on the team next year.

If you missed it, check out the sweet graphic work on Hunter Echols' commitment announcement. Definite theme of transition there, which we appreciate from an artistic standpoint.


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