Jim Mora on UCLA's Pro Day

Mar. 15 -- UCLA coach Jim Mora talked about his Bruins after their showing at UCLA Pro Day...

UCLA coach Jim Mora talked about his players' performances in front of more than 90 NFL scouts and representatives, 

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Opening statement:

Wow, a really good day for UCLA today. It was great to have all these NFL people out here, general managers, head coaches, scouts, position coaches and well over 100 with all 32 teams represented and I thought our young men did a good job presenting themselves and I had a lot of people come up and say how well our people did at the combine in the interview session, demonstrated high character and a knowledge of this sport and this game. It was fun to see a bunch of guys we recruited come out and show their stuff in front of NFL evaluators. It was exciting.

On if the day is more important to the non-high draft locks:

I think it is for the guys that aren't as well known, like Myles or Kenny or Caleb.  For them to show what they can do athletically.  There are up to 11 potential guys who might get drafted.  Talking to the guys, there could be 11 guys drafted. Nothing is ever promised, but the potential is there.

On if NFL reps think he has more credibility:

I did it for 26 years and I think because of my background and having been to 100's of pro days, I think I have a pretty decent feel of what it takes.  Being a college coach, watching young men you recruited far surpasses the excitement when you come as an evaluator because you get to see these young men fulfill their dreams.

On if they talk to the players in advance:

We do that the day they walk on campus.  From film study to analyzing opponents to how they address coaches, that starts day one, so when they get to this point, they have a great feel for what it takes. We put them on three pro days on their own before they're draft eligible.

On how it helps the program:

Its a bonus and will help us in many ways. First for recruiting, you tell him there is a potential to get drafted, you come to UCLA and maximize your ability, you'll have a chance to play at the next level.  And it gives you credibility as a coach and as a program.

On if he talked to Myles Jack:

I did this morning. I talked to a lot of coaches and GMs about him. I don't think Myles is 100% yet. He had a little hitch, but it was good for him to come out and do this. He'll have another day on April 1st where he'll run his 40 and be closer to 100% and he'll really be able to show everybody the gifts he has. I don't believe he's at 100% yet. When he's at 100%, he's something special to watch.  He's a hardworker, he'll get there.  I remember (him getting hurt) vividly.  It was nice to see him out here.  He had a 40-inch vertical, but its the change of direction.  I've watched him for a lot of years and I know what he's capable of and he's capable of greatness.

On Jordan Payton and Devin Fuller:

Jordan ran a 4.47 officially. I think he projects real well. What I heard from people at the combine was he was tremendous in the interviews, high character.  A guy who blew it out here today was Devin Fuller.  Everyone thinks we inflate times, but NFL teams had him at 4.36.  He ran great routes.  His vertical was good, he was a little over 6-0.

On other good 40's:

Aaron Wallace ran extremely well, he was a 4.44 electronic, 6-3, 246, vertical of 36 inches and broad jumped 10-10, those are impressive numbers.  I talked to some linebacker coaches who projected him third day.  Caleb was 307. Logan Sweet actually ran well.  Logan is a guy who could get in to camp and open some eyes. He's very consistent and a great kid.


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