Kenny Clark on his Pro Day Performance

Mar. 16 -- UCLA junior defensive tackle Kenny Clark talked about UCLA Pro Day...

Kenneth Clark talked about his performance at UCLA Pro Day.

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On his performance:

I was just happy to be out here. To show everyone my talent, and that I worked hard. I showed the things I can do on the field. It was a little stressful to the point you want to be perfect. You just want to show everybody you can play every position, you can move and look good. You want to look good out here.

On his draft feedback:

Everyone has been telling me I've looked good. I'm not sure if I raised my stock or lowered it. But they said I looked good.  Seeing how explosive I am out of my stance.  They said it was a pretty good day for me.  It's tough being the only one in a drill, but you've got to do it.  They put you in another situation and it shows guys how tough you are.

On his size:

I weighed in at 311 and was 6-2 3/8.  Wasn't sure the exact height.

On what he's focused on since the combine:

Being able to just move, honestly, just laterally. Keeping sure my head is in the game.  Just trying to stay locked in with football. At the end of the day, you're playing football and focusing on the details. The biggest thing is moving laterally and showing I can play different positions.  

On draft prep:

You only have at my workout facility, eight people, so every coach is able to lock in and keep pounding on us and showing us how to do things.

On if any teams have stood out:

Everyone said I had a good workout.  I had a good vibe with all the teams.

On if he's been in school:

No, but seeing Angus, it's cool and it puts a smile on my face. It's weird not having a schedule anymore. Once I'm done with the day, I'm done with the day. It's kind of crazy.

On enjoying that schedule:

Yeah, but I have to finish my degree.

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