UCLA RB Paul Perkins on Pro Day

Mar. 17 -- UCLA running back Paul Perkins talked about his performance at UCLA Pro Day...

Paul Perkins talked about his experience at UCLA's Pro Day Tuesday...

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On how his pro day went:

It went pretty good. Today was a dream come true. Living out my dream, coming out here on pro day, competing in front of all these scouts. Its a dream come true. Coming off the combine, we had a couple weeks to prepare, but was getting a little antsy.

On what surprised him at pro day:

How long it is. Its just as long as the combine. I definitely enjoyed it.

On his numbers:

I didn't run, I just did positional drills. I tweaked my hamstring and tweaked it again.  I definitely got a little stronger and put some weight on, I'm 208 now. I want to be maybe 210.

On what he's looking forward to next:

Just getting drafted, that would be an awesome experience for me. I've been watching it for 20 years. The excitement the players have.

On the experience:

We put on a showcase for the whole world to see that UCLA is on the rise.

On who he talked to:

The Bills, the Jets, the Lions. They said stay calm, stay focused and don't get too overwhelmed with the pressure.

On if he has an idea where he'll be drafted:

I wish, it would be a lot easier on my psyche.  

On what he wanted to show:

That I have good hands, confirm I have good hands.  Its important for me to come out, run routes and show I can do that out of the backfield.

On what he'll do between now and the draft:

Footwork, workout, eat and sleep.


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