Conor McDermott Talks First Day of Practice

Mar. 29 -- UCLA's starting left tackle spoke with reporters following the first day of spring practice...

Conor McDermott faced the decision to leave UCLA after last season but decided to stay, giving the Bruins a much-needed boost on the offensive line.

The senior spoke about that choice and more following UCLA's first day of spring practice. Check the video below:

On how he feels:

I'm feeling good. First day was good. A little rusty. I was out there and it was a good day.

On the adjustments on offense:

There are not too much, some certain different concepts, we'll get the hang of it and it will be a good season for us.

On why he returned:

I really thought about my teammates, and family, I wanted to get my degree, get another season, another year at UCLA, my senior year, be out there with my teammates.  The NFL will be there, I'm just happy to be back.

On where Josh Rosen has grown the most:

He's grown tremendously in all aspects.  Vocal, his throwing, he'll be great.


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