Josh Rosen Talks About Weight Gain and More

Mar. 29 -- Sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen spoke with the media after the first day of UCLA spring practice...

Josh Rosen entered his second spring practice at UCLA with plenty of change, including a new offensive coordinator, new position coach, new concepts and some new faces at various positions.

The sophomore talked about all that and more following the first day of spring practice. Check out the video below:

On any changes on offense:

Not too much, just going under center more, same concepts.  Changing the snap count a little bit. But nothing too much.

On footwork from under center:

Every quarterback coach from the evolution of football comes from under center. Every quarterback, their first nature is under center.

On the difference of this year's first day:

It felt natural.  Some new procedural things, and I have to worry about the defense, but I'm happy we snapped the ball cleanly.

On working with Marques Tuiasosopo:

He's awesome, I love him. He respects me, I respect him.  He's just like Coach KP at offensive coordinator. He knows when to fire us up and get us going, then 1on1, he'll teach you.

On the difference from the Mazzone's:

Every coach has their own style.

On any differences in the offense:

It's the same. Every offense and every team in college football has incredible similarities.  The core of all offenses are the same.

On the last time he was under center:

We did some stuff last year. Not too much, but some under center.

On the receivers:

I'm not really zeroing in on anyone. Kenny is great, Eldridge, Theo made a hell of a catch today. Nate is being featured more as a receiver.  We have a deep philosophy and will rotate a lot of guys. 

On Scott Quessenberry at center:

It's not too bad because we got a lot of reps last year.  With Jake and Scott, they rotated them when Scott was rehabbing his shoulder.  

On Cordell Broadus:

He's awesome, he's been killing it, picking up the offense.  

On his weight gain:

Not really, we'll wait until I get the pads on.  That's why I did it, so I could take some hits.

On where he needs to improve the most:

Turnovers, I had a lot last year.  I had eight that contributed to our biggest losses. USC, I had them. I want to work on turnovers.


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