UCLA DC Tom Bradley on Second Practice

Mar. 31 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked after practice Thursday about the tweaks to the defensive scheme, the difference in his second spring, the cohesion with the defensive coaches, and more...

UCLA defensive coordinator talked with the media Thursday. 

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On his second spring:

It's totally different. We have a better feel for each other as a staff, as coaches and players.  We know the personalities better and its enabled me to do a better job coaching these guys.  I now know their mannerisms, so when I do certain things, I know if they got it or don't got it. I know what they can handle, how far to push things.  If you watched us today, the way we're doing things, everything is a little better. We're a lot more comfortable, we have more fun at practice.

On the offense running:

Coach Mora was the scorekeeper, trying to make it competitive at the end of the practice, he deliberately tries to keep it tight.  The one thing we have to learn is how to practice without pads. If we'll be good, stay off the ground. Practice smart, make each other better.  Help each other get better.

On the scheme change since last year:

It hasn't changed a whole lot. We go back and review our films.  We go back and add wrinkles, its basic fundamentals.

On if the tweaks help against different :

We felt we had to do a better job against the run, not just shematicaly but the players.  We gave Sal some objective we're trying to reach. Some people think bigger is better, but that's not always the way.  The line is a good weapon too. We're going to try and focus on what we're doing looking for the little tips. 

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