UCLA LB Kenny Young on Going to Next Level

Mar. 31 -- UCLA junior linebacker Kenny Young talked about improving, the tweaks to the defense, being a leader to the younger linebackers, and more...

UCLA linebacker Kenny Young answered questions Thursday after UCLA's second practice. 

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On spring so far:

It feels good, everyone has great energy. I know what I have to work on.  THings are so far going good.

On what he needs to work on:

Mostly the mental approach.  My biggest thing, going into my third year, is my mental approach.

On going to more 4-3:

We always did a 4-3 in packages. You're more emphasizing on the adjustments. We played 4-3 in some aspects last year. Its similar to last year.

On his role:

My role hasn't changed, my role needs to change from a leadership aspect.  We have a lot more younger guys.  Tell them things are going to be alright.  

On moving around at linebacker:

I wouldn't say it was hard, but more of a challenge.  Alignments are different.  Things happened so fast, Myles got hurt in practice, and then it was Kenny, learn this. It worked well for a good bit of time.  All just a mental approach.  Your responsibilities at each position.

On matching up against the newer look of the offense:

Last year it was more of a spread offense, now with Coach KP, its less running around.  He's a knock you out type of guy.  That's the biggest difference, the amount of space you're moving.

On if there will be a difference in pads:

For sure, a lot more. This game is competitive, you'll have guys pushing each other. Its great for us, we can improve most in the physical department.

On what he's seen from the younger players:

They're open to learn.  The greatest thing you should have as a player is being open to learn. You don't want to hesitate, be ready to guy. Mique, if he keeps his mind right, he'll be a pretty good player for us and will help us early in the season.  He'll do fine.

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