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Football and Basketball Facilities Update

Mar. 31 -- UCLA has announced estimated dates of completion for both of the facilities currently being built on campus...

From UCLA:

Wasserman Football and Mo Ostin Basketball Center Updates

With construction on both the Wasserman Football Center and Mo Ostin Basketball Center well underway, the UCLA Athletic Department is pleased to announce an estimated completion date for each project, as well as an update on fundraising.

The Wasserman Football Center, the future on-campus training and practice hub for UCLA Football, is currently on-schedule to open by the end of summer 2017 – less than four years after the UCLA Athletic Department announced a campaign to raise private funds for the comprehensive football training facility in fall 2013.  Named the Wasserman Football Center not long after the campaign’s inception in tribute to generous support from The Wasserman Foundation and its President, UCLA alumnus Casey Wasserman, the state-of-the-art facility is being constructed on the west side of Spaulding Field, the practice field for the Bruin football team.

The UCLA Athletic Department exceeded its initial goal of $50 million in private funds raised just 16 months after the campaign announcement and far in advance of the fall 2015 groundbreaking.  Currently with cash and pledges totaling north of $57 million, UCLA Athletics is currently in phase two of its fundraising plan, with less than $8 million remaining to reach its goal of $65 million in private funding.

Raising the remaining $7 million-plus is pivotal to completing the Wasserman Football Center both on time and in the most comprehensive manner possible – with future monies raised being allocated to first-rate finishes, furniture, branding and technology, ultimately securing its place as one of the elite football-specific training facilities in the nation.

Approximately eight months after the football facility campaign launch, in spring 2014, UCLA Athletics doubled down on capital projects and announced its efforts to raise private funds for a state-of-the-art basketball practice facility.  Named after legendary music industry executive and philanthropist Morris "Mo" Ostin, the Mo Ostin Basketball Center is currently being constructed near Pauley Pavilion at the south end of the Los Angeles Tennis Center and is on-schedule to open in fall 2017, less than three-and-a-half years after the campaign’s launch. 

Since the official public announcement to raise private funds for the comprehensive basketball practice facility that will house both men’s and women’s basketball programs, the UCLA Athletic Department has received more than $17 million in cash and pledges to date. With just north of $7 million remaining to reach the $25 million goal in private funding, monies raised will ensure that the Mo Ostin Basketball Center is not only completed on time, but, as is the case with the Wasserman facility, in the most comprehensive manner possible.  Remaining monies raised will be allocated to first-rate finishes, branding and technology in order to establish the center as one of the premier basketball-specific training facilities in the country.

Thanks to the nearly 1,000 dedicated alumni, fans and friends of UCLA having raised nearly $75 million in total for the two highly-anticipated facilities, approximately $15 million of additional funding remains to construct the Wasserman Football Center and Mo Ostin Basketball Center to the state-of-the-art standards by which each was designed.  While naming opportunities for the facilities remain, gifts of any amount, all of which are tax-deductible, will make a significant impact on the future of UCLA Athletics. 

For more information or to become involved in either campaign, contact the UCLA Athletics Development Office at 310-206-3302, or visit www.UCLAFootballFacility.com and www.UCLABasketballFacility.com.


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