Marques Tuiasosopo Happy to be Back at UCLA

Apr. 1 -- UCLA's new quarterbacks coach touched on a variety of topics Thursday, including Josh Rosen and the start of spring practice...

UCLA quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo has begun his second stint with the program and told reporters Thursday it feels great to be back.

Tuiasosopo shared his thoughts on Josh Rosen, the new concepts on offense, the tight end situation and more.

Check the video below:

On being back at UCLA:

It feels great to be back.  To get back with Coach Mora and a lot of the guys I knew their freshman year, and a lot of faces I knew from recruiting. Its very exciting for me.  

On how the program has progressed:

Every year that Jim has been here, they're competing for the South championship. They played in one already and have come down to it the last game.  The future is bright.

On his relationship with Josh Rosen:

I think its good. When I was the quarterbacks coach at Washington, I started recruiting him, so there is a little bit of history, so its an easier transition than if I didn't know him. He's a great kid and he wants to be great. He's a talented kid as you know.  He's got the size. He's 6-4, he has the arm talent, he can move.  He has it all. Its about getting him to utilize what he has and he can be that guy who can bring it all together. He's a gifted thrower. He's smart. He can run our offense the way we want it run. There is not one thing he can't do, so we want him to utilize his skills.

On Matt Lynch:

He's going to be fine. He has some good size, some pop in his arm. Stay tuned for him.  He's in his first four days of college, so he's swimming a little, but he has a great personality, the future will be bright for him.

On the use of the tight end:

That's what people will notice off the bat, the use of the tight ends. They'll be fine. They're strong, they can catch the ball, they have passion. We're excited to get them involved.

On working with Kennedy Polamalu:

He's a lot of fun, has a lot of passion. He loves the game and wants it done a certain way. He keeps it light and focused and he makes sure we have fun with the guys. It has been great so far. It will be great working with him, hopefully for a long time.

On a power offense:

Stay tuned, I think you express the style you want to play. Your team takes on the personality of your head coach. We want to play physical. The great teams in the past played with physicality.

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