UCLA WR Eldridge Massington Has High Expectations

Apr. 1 -- With three of UCLA's top receivers from last season gone, an upperclassmen said he has very high expectations for himself to fill the void...

Eldridge Massington met with reporters following the second practice of spring and, now that he's an upperclassmen, said he can't let down former UCLA teammates Jordan PaytonThomas Duarte and Devin Fuller.

The third-year player spoke about his outlook for spring practice, fellow receiver Theo Howard and the changes in the offense.

Check out the video below:

On spring ball so far: 

It's been fun. Being one of the older guys, seeing the young guys coming along, their heads are spinning a little.  Its fun to see that, because I was once one of them.  You're like 'everyone calm down, you're all going to be alright. Learning the plays, you'll be good.'

On Theo Howard: 

He's pretty good, he'll be nice. I like him, I worked with him a lot. Once he learns everything, he'll be nice.

On replacing the departed receivers: 

I can't let JP and Devin and TD down. They set high expectations for me. I have to live up to them.

On his relationship with Josh Rosen: 

Our relationship is good.  We hang out a lot and develop like a QB and receiver should, and keep telling him to throw me the dang ball.

On Ishmael Adams at receiver: 

Its funny now, he gets to see how we felt when he was at DB, we always told him he was the holding king.  Now when he gets grabbed, he's like, 'man, the DB was holding' and we're like 'now you know what you were like.' He's going to be good though, and he'll be a threat. He has that dog mentality, he tries to get every ball. That little man syndrome will kick in. 

On if Ish is talking trash to the DBs: 

He is.  But that's Ish.  He's out there having fun.  That's what makes Ish, Ish.

On his own improvement: 

I've been working on everything, my catching, my route running, learning about more coverages, going over with Coach Yarbs all the little things I didn't do last year.

On offensive concepts: 

I just go out there and run routes and block and do what I'm supposed to do.  I just go out there and run routes and make plays.

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