Ishmael Adams on Switching to Offense

Apr. 5 -- Senior Ishmael Adams talks about how it was decided he'd switch from defensive back to receiver, and how he feels at his new position...

Senior Ishmael Adams talked after practice Monday. 

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On moving to receiver:

Its going great right now, I am blessed with the opportunity to work with Coach Yarber, playing with Josh Rosen instead of against him, building that camaraderie on that side of the field and going after what we want

On talking to the defender:

We have great competition, making each other all-americans, and working hard.

On who’s decision it was:

The coaches asked and I’m willing to do whatever helps the team.

On how they approached him:

I got a phone call during off-season workouts, and Coach Mora and Coach Martin called me and we all talked about it, and I’m willing to help the team.  They realized I have a great ability when I have the ball. I wanted to up those opportunities.

On if offensive instincts kicked in:

Yes, I watched a lot of film and I steadily watch a lot of film and trying to make that decision, it definitely helped.

On if he’s rusty on offense:

I do a lot of film work with Coach Yarber one-on-one.  He’s helped me.  

On if it helped with NFL prospects:

Im not really worried about that right now.

On his routes:

I don’t know how to answer that, that’s a question for Coach Mora or Coach Yarber. Coach Yarber seems to like me a lot right now, but I’m not satisfied with right now, we have a long way until the season.

On if he’s having fun:

Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun. At first I thought it was going to be a challenge.  I enjoy having another opportunity at UCLA.

On both he and Soso Jamabo wearing #1:

We have not had a conversation about that, but I’m sure it will come up.  We’ll see.

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