Demetrice Martin On His DBs, Ishmael Adams

Apr. 5 -- Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin talked about his personnel and some position changes, particularly Ishmael Adams moving to the other side of the ball...

Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin talked Monday after practice. 

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On the secondary and personnel:

Today we installed some nickel so we let Octavius Spencer get some reps. Randall came in as a corner, we moved him to safety, and now we have him back at corner, developing depth.  We moved DeChaun Holiday to safety.  Its a big step for him. That’s one big move.  He was just grasping the defense at corner, now he has to tell guys what to do instead of being told what to do.  Will Lockett is coming along, Octavius Spencer, Adarius Pickett, along with Tahaan Goodman.  Now he’s settled in.  He’s making some plays. 

On Ishmael Adams moving to receiver:

They stripped that one from my heart.  We kinda knew that was gonna happen, because he’s so dynamic.  I like touchdowns too for the Bruins. He’s still a guy we know we can put in at nickel and he won’t skip a beat.  

On the politics on something like that:

Im holding that in my back pocket, I’m waiting for someone to emerge ‘hey, you guys got Ishmael, let me get one.’  It could be Mossi, it could be Stephen Johnson. We’ll see how it shakes out.

On if he puts the idea in their mind:

Sometimes we drop a seed ‘hey, you don’t need a quarterback to play my position.'

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