Angus McClure Talks His UCLA DL

Apr. 7 -- UCLA defensive line coach Angus McClure talked about each of his defensive linemen individually ,and how the new front will impact the defense...

Defense line coach Angus McClure answered questions Thursday after practice. 

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Opening statement:

Great practice today, that was probably our best practice of spring. Another day in full pads. We did a ton of situational stuff, short yardage, goal line, a lot of situational stuff.  As a team, it was good.  Anytime we go short yardage, we go live and it was nice to see us come out healthy. The tempo and energy was good and it is something we can build off.

On his guys on the defensive line:

Starting with the ends, its great to have a lot of depth, Matt Dickerson, about 290 pounds and he's giving the tight ends fits. He's playing physical, a strong rush off the edge.  Matt is doing really well playing outside, he's never done that before.  Behind him is Rick Wade, Rick continues to improve, he's about 260-265.  I see a big improvement from Rick. Moving inside, I think Jacob Tuioti-Mariner is a natural 3-tech.  Great change of direction, physical at the point of attack. I'm excited to see him inside. He's sitting about 275-280 right now.  Nick Terry has been a great addition coming in for spring quarter. He's extremely physical, that's what we saw on film, what we saw in recruiting. He brings an attitude to the defensive line. Moving to the nose, Eli Ankou, we moved him from tackle to nose, he's about 315, he's a natural nose. He's extremely bright and can anchor the position. Had over 500 reps in games. Behind him is Thomas Schwab, he's doing a tremendous job, about 265.  And then our rush ends, razors, Tak McKinley, he looks excellent, about 265 pounds.  As we all know, Takk can run, he's one of the fastest guys in the conference. Deon Hollins is working that razor position also. We had both on the field at the same time. He's really increased his strength and gotten better at his techniques, newer techniques he hasn't done. Behind that, KLS, he looks better and better each day. He's starting to really learn the different techniques.  He's got great leverage, speed and balance, now we're starting to add some things to his repoitore.  I'm excited about this group. 

On Eddie Vanderdoes:

He'll play the 3-technique. He's about 90 percent.  He's still limited what he can do, but we get him in pre-practice. I expect him to be ready in mid-June.

On if personnel is changing play-to-play:

I would say we'll have more symmetry.  In different fronts, one will be stronger than the ever.

On if this is an answer to stopping the run:

Any time you can add bigger guys to your front its going to help. Instead of three, we'll have four.  I think it will help pass rush.  Deon can play the edge, Takk can play the edge.  We've added more symmetry to our personnel.  We have a host of freshman and a sophomore coming in this fall. That will only add to the depth. It will be the most d-line depth we've had in a long, long time.

On Nick Terry:

He helps a lot.  Nick could line up right now against Texas A&M and play.  No question. He's an experienced guy. He played for a great junior college, one of the top in California, and against great competition. Its exactly what we thought when we recruited him.  He was a natural fit to recruit as a junior college guy coming in.

On the weight KLS has added:

He's put on about 15 pounds. Now that he's playing the razor position, he'll have more man-to-man combat. He's learning to be more physical.  Its kind of training him to do something he hasn't done before.  He likes extra time and film work.  He's got a great frame on him. He can add a lot more strength. Look at Takk, he came in at 230 and over the course of two years, he's added 30 pounds. That's a credit to Coach Alosi.

On expectations for Boss Tagaloa when he enrolls:

I think Boss will fit right in. He's a physical player, he's a knockback guy, I think Boss can play tackle or nose.  He can play 4i.  I think Boss is a very adaptable player, plays multiple position and I think he'll come in and play right away.  He's going to come in and we'll look at him at 3-tech first. We'll start there and go from there. He has an offensive line background and played both ways.  If we need him to add depth or compete for the nose position, we can do that.  Can't wait to get him here in June.

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