UCLA WR Darren Andrews On Bigger Role

Apr. 7 -- UCLA receiver Darren Andrews talks about a bigger role this season, the passing game in the new offense, and more...

UCLA receiver Darren Andrews talked after practice Thursday. 

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On spring football so far:

It's going great so far. I'm just trying to stay healthy out here. I had a couple injuries that were nagging last year, so I'm trying to stay healthy and do what I can to help the team. Last year in spring, I had a groin injury. The year before, I messed up my knee and had to have surgery. I'm trying for a full spring. I feel better and faster.

On some of the hits he's taken:

It's all out of love. I love Jayon, he's a great football player. I know he didn't intentionally mean it.  He got emotional and caught up. It's football, it happens. Hardest I've been hit in my life.  Hardest I've ever been hit. I'm good now. My head doesn't hurt. I got back out there and feel great.

On if there is pressure as the leading returning receiver:

No, I don't think any pressure is on me. I just stay consistent on what I do, each and every day.  I focus on the process and making sure I can do the little things.

On the changes of the passing game:

We're taking a lot more shots down field. I love the offense.  I love the run setting up the pass. I love KP as an offensive coordinator.

On going more vertical:

I am getting a lot more chances vertical, using my speed downfield.  Trying to go deep. Not a lot of screens, maybe here and there, but not like last year.

On taking more leadership role:

A lot of people come to me for help.  I'm just trying to help the young guys out.  They can help us out in the long run.

On the younger receivers:

Cordell is coming along, Theo is a great football player, he can help us out a lot. Felton is a good receiver in the slot. Everyone who came in, we can use them, they can help us a lot.  Everyone is fast as a receiver.

On more blocking:

We have to come down and get the safeties a lot. After that, we have to counteract.  I think there is more blocking, but like I said, we have a good run game that will set up the pass game.

On the passing game timing:

It's a little different, Josh isn't always in shotgun. You have a little more time. We're just starting to click and each day we're getting better.

On changing to No. 7:

I had been No. 7 my whole life, but when I got here, Devin Fuller was No. 7, so I had to wait, but now I'm back to No. 7.

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