Cameron Griffin Goes from LB to FB

Apr. 8 -- Sophomore Cameron Griffin has been making an impact at fullback this spring, and he talks about how he switched from linebacker to offense...

Cameron Griffin talked to the media Thursday. 

On the position change:

I moved to fullback from linebacker, and under Coach KP, we’re going smash mouth, so I’ll be the hammer instead of the nail.

On how the move came to be:

They asked me last year.  I thought about it and I thought I’d fit better at fullback.  I grew up watching USC under Coach KP and seeing guys like Stanley Havili.

On how rugby has helped:

It’s all power, run them over, go straight.  

On if he’s caught the ball before:

I was an athlete in high school, so I was a running back, quarterback, tight end, receiver, in high school.

On playing rugby:

I was around 11, 12, in sixth grade, and then I played through high school.  My career stopped, but the rugby team here wants me to play.

On if he’ll play rugby again:

It depends on how football goes. I’ll always have a love for the game.

On if offense is more fun:

It’s more fun, especially, those were my linebacker corps from last year, so now I run them over.

On if there is more incentive:

It’s seeing who’s stronger and more physical.  

On if this is where his future is:

I like being versatile and helping the team.

On more running opportunities:

Throughout spring, I’ve gotten a couple carries and touchdowns. I’ve gotten the ball a fair amount. I’m not a typical smash, go up the middle every play.  

On if he has to do more work in route running:

Not really, on defense, we studied those keys.  I know how to drop my hip, get my head around, from watching film.

On why fullback is a better fit:

Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between the two, a linebacker tackles, but a fullback hits anything in the way.

On the tailbacks being grateful for him:

I tell them, stay on my hip, I’ll take them through.

On how a fullback helps:

Im not really sure how the running backs feel about it, but from playing defense, a fullback is another guy in the way so it creates another gap.

On giving the pain:

As a fullback, you have to be a hammer or the nail in this game, if you’re a nail, it hurts, if you’re a hammer, it doesn’t.

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