Ainuu Taua is a 300-Pound Fullback

Apr. 8 -- Ainuu Taua converted from defensive tackle to fullback this spring, and he said the first day, "My head was spinning..."

Ainuu Taua talked about his conversion from defensive tackle to fullback. 

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On returning to fullback:

It’s pretty fun, I’m not going to lie. Running routes, catching the ball, the football stuff you played with your friends at the park. It’s new to me a little.  It’s a whole other level.

On his weight:

301, 300. They want me down at 280.

On the fullback position:

I want to help out on the 3rd and 1’s, move the change, help the defense and keep them off the field. Still part of the defense.

On how the move happened:

They brought it up to me, and I went over it with my dad and we tried it out.  I like it, it’s cool.

On being a long snapper:

I’m the backup. I did it in youth, but in high school, I had to be the punter.  So I was out there punting. But we had good long snappers.

On if this will get him on the field:

I think I’ll be able to help out the team more from right there.

On what he’ll do:

I have to go block.  First day, my head was spinning, the first hit I did. I was telling my brother, my head was dizzy, it’s new.  I felt like the first time I ever played football again. I was like a little kid, I wanted to go lay down after practice.  I’m used to it now.  It’s coming back, the collisions. 

On the tweaks on offense:

There is a new look, we’ll get better.

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