VIDEO: Rick Wade Talks Development

Apr. 11 -- UCLA defensive end Rick Wade talks about his physical development and how the formation change from a 3-4 to a 4-3 affected him...

Rick Wade talked after practice today. If you can't play the video above, try the version below.

On how spring is going so far:

Real good, I feel like I'm improving on everything. Coming out here, getting better every day, focusing on one day at a time.

On what he wants to accomplish:

During the spring, because I played a little tight end last year, I wanted to get my feet back at defensive end.

On the 4-3:

Its not that bad, I actually like it better. I can play on the tight end and work on the double team. You know how tight ends have to release in some blocks.

On how much tight end was discussed:

They were saying some things about it, but no one sat me down and talked about it. But I got recruited to play defensive end and that's what I want to play.

On his weight:

I'm 265. I want to hopefully get to 275 and maybe to 285 during the season.


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