VIDEO: Scott White Talks Linebackers

Apr. 11 -- UCLA linebackers coach Scott White talks about the play of his linebackers so far this spring...

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On Josh Woods:

Josh has been exceptional.  We have to keep him healthy. The day he got hurt, he was having his best day as a Bruin. He was special that day. He has a bright future in this program.

On Mique Juarez:

He's been great. He's working through two barriers- the conditioning and pace, and the learning barrier. Once we get him through those things, he'll be ready to hit the ground running.

On the 4-3:

We're doing the same thing. We're trying to do it better.  If you look at self scouting in the offseason, breaking down the nuts and bolts, it's us playing it better, taking this camp to focus on playing better, and less about 3-4, 4-3.

On what they're focusing on in spring:

I think we're trying to shrink it down a little and not get over the top installing.  We'll put in what we're going to do, keep repping that, keep exposing the guys to it, work through them.  Not just installing to install.  We threw a lot at them before, and its hard, you look at what you do during the season, its less.

On spring surprises:

I don't know if surprises are the word, but stand outs, Jayon Brown, he's picked up where he left off.

On Jayon Brown being a leader:

In every way, across the board, a much more vocal leader. He takes to it like a fish to water, being a more mature guy.  He's a happy go lucky kid, but he's more business like.

On the veteran linebackers:

No question, when the numbers are low, you need those veterans. Having a steady presence like Jayon, front liners like that, really help.

On the Mike competition:

It's back and forth and will go through the fall.  Kenny has made a lot of improvement.  Last year he was trying to sort it out on the fly.  Now he's trying to slow it down.  Isaako has a great feel for the game, does a great job in the run game.  He's doing a great job, probably our most natural leader.  You can bring him in off the bench and he's fine.

On Lokeni Toailoa:

He has a maturity to him.  The guys look at him like he's not a freshman.

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